Our Cooking Classes in San Sebastian


At our school you will find daily cooking classes where you will learn to master the most modern kitchen techniques, as well as discovering the secrets of traditional Basque cuisine. Every morning we offer different cooking classes in San Sebastián, Spain, that will be the highlight of your trip.

We promise that any mimo cooking class will be an unforgettable experience.

Pintxos Cooking Classes

The most famous bites. Learn to prepare the most iconic pintxos of San Sebastián so you can recreate them once back home.

Cake made in our basque cooking classes in San Sebastian

Basque Cooking Classes

Discover basque cuisine and learn how to prepare recipes that has been passed down through generations.

Michelin Star Cooking Classes in Donostia

Michelin Cooking Classes

Unveil what is behind the dishes you can find in a tasting menu. In this class we pay tribute to Michelin Star restaurants.

Are you looking for truly special cooking lessons in Spain?

Then we have created the perfect cooking workshops for you, spanish cooking classes or private cooking courses to in Spain, to really dive into our culture!

Spanish cooking classes in san sebastian

Spanish Cooking Classes

Private Cooking Classes

Cooking lessons to discover local products and suppliers

Basque cuisine is all about the products. We have three core values: seasonality, freshness and proximity, that you can discover in our special market tours and cooking classes.

Discover the most local mimo cooking classes in San Sebastián.

Mimo Cooking Class

Seasonal & Local

In this mimo cooking class San Sebastián, we introduce you our friends and best suppliers at the market stall and buy with us the ingredients for the menu we will cook later together.

Cooking course in San Sebastian

Fish & Seafood

Are you a sea lover? Visit the market and discover Cantabrian Sea jewels with us. A unique cooking course in San Sebastián.

Paella cooking class in Donostia - San Sebastian

Paella & Mediterranean

Discover the mediterranean gastronomy and its iconic dish, paella, in this authentic spanish cooking class .

Coming to San Sebastián? Mimo is the perfect place to discover its culinary scene.

19 michelin stars within a radius of 25 km, San Sebastián cannot be understood without its gastronomy. This is just the result of a society that genuinely loves its culture. From pintxos to main traditional dishes, there is a lot to unveil in San Sebastián.

Apart from our group cooking courses we also offer private cooking classes and personalised cooking classes. Do not hesitate to tell us your idea.

We also hold a great variety of cooking activities and gastronomic tours to show you our city identity.

Cooking Activities in Mimo San Sebastián

Cooking activities

pintxos donosti parte vieja

Gastronomic tours



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