Seasonal is our most important word. We work with seasonal products, that is why we can´t garantee a certain course in our cooking classes. We work with what we get from the earth.

We use products of proximity: the best local fish and the amazing products from our baserris (farms in Basque)

We are committed to a responsible resource consumption by refraining from unnecessary purchases and avoiding excess buying. That is why we work with bookings in advance, it lets us plan what we need.

We compost and use the resulting compost to fertilize the plants adorning the entrance of our school.

We separate and recycle all the waste in our school, and actively avoid single-use containers and utensils.


We buy in the local market: directly from the producers to get the best available products for our clients and promote the local small shops, which are a crucial part of our society and way of living

We prefer small groups for a more enjoyable experience, and also to maintain the casual atmosphere of San Sebastián without causing any disruption.

We’re into responsible tourism, not exploiting our culture or history but getting everyone who visits involved in the vibe. We are passionate about Basque Food and want to spread love for it to everyone.