Do you want to live the unique experience of having one our chefs to your total disposal? In our private cooking classes our chefs will adapt to your interests and preferences.

Enjoy our cooking experiences and make them exclusive by privatising the event. Let us design for you the perfect premium event.

We offer three different private cooking courses, each one with a different length, so you can enjoy the experience and have time to discover  the city. The perfect break after walking around San Sebastián.


Private cooking class (5hrs.)

Basque cooking is not only about pintxos. The recipes the Basque Country has to offer are as varied as the landscape of the region. Our chefs have a wide selection of recipes, from the vibrant fish dishes of the coast to the hearty stews of the mountains. In our cooking class, they will help you discover the authentic flavours of the Basque Country and provide you with the skills you need to recreate dishes that take you back to those perfect holiday memories.

private cooking class

Short Private Cooking Class (3hrs.)

Not too much time in San Sebastián and want to to explore our gastronomy in a short cooking event? Then this class is for you. A short class where you will have the chance to discover a little of our gastronomy in a short hands on cooking class

paella cooking class

Express Private Cooking Class (90′)

Interested in just one elaboration? Then this class is perfect for you!

If you don´t have too much time but still want to learn to cook one of the Spanish and Basque gastronomy highlights, you can book this class where you can cook Paella, Tortilla de patata, Croquetas, Bacalao al pil pil or Cheesecake with the guidance of our knowledgeable chefs.

Traveling with kids?

At Mimo, we’re passionate about teaching the importance of food, nutrition, ingredients, and sustainability to children, helping them understand the significance of eating well and making the most of ingredients. Explore our family-oriented cooking classes and embark on a unique culinary journey in San Sebastian

family cooking class
PRIVATE Family cooking class

Profesional chefs and culinary advising

Are you a culinary professional yearning to master the exquisite Basque Cuisine? Are you considering the prospect of becoming a renowned chef? Then, explore these specialized programs that will take your gastronomic skills to new heights!


Basque Culinary Excellence: Advanced Multi-Day Program for Professional Chefs

Basque Cuisine, renowned for its rich culinary tradition and high-quality ingredients, is a fascinating world deserving thorough exploration. For those looking to hone their skills and immerse themselves in the authenticity of this unique cuisine, we have programs specifically designed for you.

Picture yourself learning the fundamental techniques of Basque Cuisine from expert chefs, delving into the secrets behind the preparation of iconic dishes that have captivated the palates of gourmets worldwide. These specialized programs offer a perfect blend of theory and hands-on experience, providing you with the opportunity to refine your culinary skills in an inspiring environment.



Mimo Immersive Experience

Discover Your Passion for Cooking,

Are you a cooking enthusiast eager to delve deeper into the culinary world? Or perhaps you’re considering a career in cooking but want to test the waters first? Explore your culinary aspirations with our exclusive MIMO Immersive Experience, set in San Sebastian, renowned as the second city globally with the highest Michelin stars per capita.

Immerse yourself in a month-long culinary journey where you’ll gain invaluable insights and hands-on experience in professional cooking.

Don’t miss this chance to explore your passion for cooking in one of the culinary capitals of the world. Join us at MIMO for an unforgettable culinary adventure!

Are you looking for group experiences?

Check out these two options perfect for groups or teambuilding experiences! A cooking competition that will make you feel at MasterChef or a showcooking where our chefs cook and explain everything in front of you.


Private Showcooking

Our most exclusive experience, our chefs and space to your total dispposal. Watch in awe how the chefs prepare dishes right before your eyes in a private showcooking.


Private San Sebastian Pintxos & Wine Tour

Do a night out in San Sebastian like a local, led by our friendly and knowledgeable Basque guides.
We dive straight into the culinary heart of the city for a night ofeating and drinking unlike any you’ve ever experienced. From fresh prawns to line-caught baby squid to perfectly charred steak, the Pintxo hunt changes nightly but always features a range of traditional spots and chic, avant-garde bars.


Cooking contest

Get your team together for an incredible unique Masterchef style event. We will divide the group into different teams and each team will have to face the challenges that our chefs suggest.

The philosophy of our cooking classes

The mision of our cooking classes is sharing our passion for local gastronomy. Food is not just a nourishment, but a product of the climate, landscape and history of the place where it is grown, and for that, is a great vehicle to discover culture.

That is why we buy fresh, seasonal and local products, to show you what makes special basque and spanish cuisine. No matter if you choose a group or a private cooking class, we will make sure you to taste a piece of our land.



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